The Return of Denzil (demos)

by Denzil A.K.A.

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home recordings


released May 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Denzil A.K.A. Larne, UK

From the dust of Denzil Davies Fanclub. and the ashes of The Spirit of Denzil Davies - Denzil returns.

Denzil A.K.A. is a punk/rock project by Smout Martin from Larne, N.Ireland.

New track "Falling Away" out 10th June 2016.
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Track Name: Burnt Flags (demo)
I'm Bouncing
I'm Breaking
I'm Busted
I'm Broken
Track Name: Foreign Object (demo)
Djimi drops a nail
Picks it up, shines it toward the sun
Hits it hard, he nails the tile
Thank god for jobs for the little man

Slide down the ladder
Smooth turn toward the van
I could overcharge but
but I'm still an honest man

Thank God he's gone,
that awful man from another land
He never wiped his feet
I'm sure that job was incomplete
Track Name: Bleak Tmes Gone (demo)
things seem bad
but you gotta remember
there were good times last week
yeah, you gotta remember

bleak times now
will be gone tomorrow
remember the song
that told you "Never Surrender" - (ref to Blitz song - not any auld northern ireland politics btw!!)

skating on the stones,
falling into oblivion
climbing up the sides
and finding people who welcome

I'm a fighting force
never be broken by you
you screw me to the ceiling
i'll shine on your volunteers
show them the light that you kept from them
they'll take back the rights that they were born with
Track Name: Don't Say Maybe (demo)
Don't say maybe that's where you're gonna be
Just be there, no hiding from reality
These things have gotta be sorted now
won't be fixed by sitting in your solitude

You say I told you so, I don't agree
things change & warp in many different ways
what looked real yesterday is gone today
solid objects turn to dust
Track Name: Stacking Bottles (demo)
14 years fending for myself
14 years stacking bottles on a shelf
it's gone past 10, time to close these doors
pavement follows me back home

Midnight gives me time to think
Moonlight glistens on the dishes on the sink
the outside world never reaches here
an unknown man in an unknown town

A short hello turns to "What's your name"
One days later, you're holding hands
this lonely darkness, it can not stay
I don't mind stacking bottles later today
Track Name: Knocks (original demo version)
You can't please some people even one time